Alan Doyle, Director South American Ferro Metals Ltd (ASX:SFZ), Chairman & Principal, Afro Pacific Capital Ltd

“I completely trust Wayne to lead the negotiation for any transaction we enter. He’s extremely savvy and experienced commercially and thoroughly conversant with the legal and corporate governance requirements for public companies. I can trust Wayne and his team to get things done, take care of the details and do the right thing for all shareholders. Best of all, any enterprise he’s involved in is better for it – and you can’t say that about all corporate advisers!”

John Seton, CEO, Besra Gold Inc. (ASX:BEZ TSX:BEZ)

“It’s great to work with an adviser who has actually been in your shoes, owning the responsibility and understanding all the different forces that come into effect when a decision is made. Wayne has provided services, including capital raising, transaction and compliance management, for Besra (formerly Olympus Pacific Minerals Inc.) since 2008 and while I personally enjoy working with him, I think it’s this real world commercial experience and his industry and market knowledge that repeatedly impress. And how often can you do a deal on a handshake with complete confidence it will be adhered to without fault? That’s what makes him a very rare resource.”

Ian Smith, Chairman, Greater Bendigo Gold (ASX:GBM)

“I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with Wayne Johnson since around 2001 on numerous and diverse commercial transactions and facilities. More often than not each situation has required a willingness to find the preferred solution where none were apparent and inevitably this has demanded a tenacity of commitment, resourcefulness and people skills that are harder to find these days than a nugget in Bendigo!

“During his tenure as a non-executive director on the Board of Greater Bendigo Gold Wayne’s exhaustive knowledge of corporate governance, public company procedure and steadying influence, were invaluable as the Company navigated multiple challenges.

“Throughout our business dealings, Wayne has proven to be personable, worldly in his commercial experience and incredibly astute in his commercial acumen. I prefer not to do business without him.”