What We Do

Authoritative Corporate and Investment Advisory Services for Middle Market Public and Private Entities.

Corporate and investment advisory services is a broad term, because there is no ‘one size fits all’ for corporate advice and transactions. In brief, we provide the resources and expertise required to bring commercial enterprise and capital investment together to generate ROI. With so many important factors at play, getting the best corporate and investment advisory services is critical to the outcome.

Our clients are public or private entities in the middle market pursuing opportunity. They prefer to deal directly with a small but elite ‘hands-on’ executive team, who have actually been at the helm, owning or managing significant public or private business operations.

They’re undertaking change through strategic restructuring, merger or acquisition, or raising capital through IPO, placement or debt financing. They engage Noblemen to manage business investment so they can get on with running the business.

We can provide guidance and advice to support your decision-making, supplement your existing advisory team or take the lead throughout the full process of attaining your objectives. See our list of services below.

How We Do It

Skilled, nimble and responsive – we’re more like the crew of a skiff, than a 300 tonne destroyer.

Invariably opportunity brings change – and change brings opportunity. But the challenge that change presents to business can affect a whole range of diverse but interrelated factors, which may not be immediately apparent. These days change comes to markets and technology super quick, which means vision and action are more important than ever.

Our advice is based on extensive experience and commercial knowledge accumulated over decades, across many industries and across the globe. This broad real-world business and operational experience makes the vital difference, informing insight and commercial judgment on factors that can influence an outcome such as culture, logistics and market behaviour.

The Noblemen team addresses change with innovative thinking, energy and diligence. Let them bring the inspiration and people needed to lead your management professionals to deliver their best performance.

Where We Do It

We’re Sydney based, but our expertise and network reflect that we all operate in a global business environment.

Our work takes many forms in locations around the world. Resources, logistics, media, entertainment, financial services or telecommunications – our clients can, and do, come from everywhere.

If you seek assistance with a specific service not listed below, use our Contact page to let us know. If we can’t provide the assistance you need, it’s likely we can direct you to the people who can.

Noblemen Corporate and Investment Advisory Services:

Professional Director Services

IPO and Capital Raising

Merger and Acquisition

Transaction Negotiation and Management

Corporate Structuring and Advice

Chinese Business and Investment

Investment Management

Business Management Consulting