Define and Facilitate Your Ideal Corporate Structuring

The structure of a deal is the foundation on which the future of the business is based. It has to be robust, compliant and readily built upon. Noblemen can help you define a structure for your business with a strategy that anticipates the future and the vision that will take you there. Our independent advice and services help you identify your ideal corporate structure and make it happen, including corporate restructuring via business capital, finance structures, debt capital, M&A, LBO (Leveraged Buy Out), and MBO (Management Buy Out).

‘Corporate Structure’ – these days it’s almost an oxymoron. This is an era of constant change, where business strategies need to be fluid and dynamic. This makes defining the right structure to take a business into the future more art than science. There may be pearls of wisdom to be found in the rear view mirror, but we can’t model the future on the past because all the variables are constantly changing.

Still we need to balance the resources needed to sustain current operational needs, with the resources needed for growth and development. With one foot in the past and the other in the future, it’s increasingly common to feel stretched to capacity.

Assessing the lines of a balance sheet can provide an insight into a business, but its reading between the lines that uncovers the true funding and business capital requirements of various cash flow scenarios. A review of the business in it’s entirety by Noblemen, with you, can evaluate your true financial situation and provide an experienced and informed view of your capital needs and options regarding funding sources.

Solutions may be found in operational change, funding or innovation, but an independent, objective appraisal by Noblemen is a well advised starting point.

If the need for capital is identified, you can count on the Noblemen team to work with you to develop a proposal targeted at the ideal source of capital, whether it be equity or debt. We can also provide introduction to potential investors and debt providers through our network of investors and the financial community.