Investment Management

Looking for local market knowledge and expert guidance on investment opportunities in the Asia Pacific region? Noblemen has a variety of investment opportunities available or can identify targets to suit your specific requirements.  We can provide the structures and corporate services to deploy investment funds, in accordance with complex compliance requirements and also manage the ongoing investment as required.

Bespoke Financial Product Creation – tailored financial products and structures designed to suit specific business requirements

In some instances, mainstream capital loans may not be appropriate when undertaking a transactional deal, such as buy-outs, buy-ins, public or private deals, acquisitions or recapitalisations. Where the need for a structured debt package for investment or hedging risk is established, a bespoke financial package might be created, using our specialist in structured finance.

These structured debt packages may be a combination of derivatives, equities, FX and money market securities, but their main aim is to create a truly balanced financial package to address specific transactional requirements. Noblemen can provide the services to create and manage complex positions in derivative markets.

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