Wayne Johnson – Experienced Public Company Director

Wayne Johnson is currently evaluating positions of Chairman or Non-Executive Director with dynamic businesses who seek an experienced and highly effective public company director.

Wayne Johnson, Chairman of Noblemen Ventures and experienced public company director

Wayne Johnson, Chairman of Noblemen Ventures and experienced public company director.

Wayne has provided his services to mid-cap public companies in a variety of industries for over 20 years. In his capacity as Chairman, Executive Director, CEO, Non Executive Director or Independent Director, he has provided critical insight and guidance on operations and had active roles on the committees of Compliance and Risk, Remuneration, Audit and Finance. He is a highly experienced public and private company director who brings strong leadership with an informed perspective to the boardroom.

A master of change management, he has often lead organisations through tumultuous change, drawing on his broad operational experience of having actually been at the coal-face, owning or managing significant public or private business operations, in different countries as they navigate changing markets and ever changing technology.

Technology has been an omnipresent feature of his career and he has been quick to recognise and harness its potential at every opportunity. A fast learner, from telecommunications to financial services to resources, he readily adapts his skill-set to each new business and industry.

As a corporate adviser he has presided over multiple IPOs, capital raising, restructuring and M&As, often in challenging market conditions. As a natural leader, he brings energy, inspiration and people skills to lead management professionals to deliver their best performance. He holds the courage of his convictions and is especially knowledgeable on public company governance and compliance, audit and financial reporting, legals, management and technology in business.

In a fast changing world of global markets and fluid technology – the one constant, critical element is people. For companies seeking a director with outstanding leadership qualities, proven integrity, the drive to keep pace with change and sound judgement that comes from broad international business experience, Wayne Johnson represents a valuable resource as an experienced public company director.

Director Profile:

POSITION: CEO, Chairman, Non-Executive Chairman, Non-Executive Director, Independent Director

ORGANISATION TYPE: Public or private entities, especially those in dynamic markets or start up stage.

INDUSTRY SECTORS: Financial services, e-commerce, technology, resources, telecommunications, health and wellbeing.

LOCATION: International commercial experience (especially AsiaPac/China) based in Sydney


  • Corporate advisory, capital raising, IPO, corporate structuring, transaction negotiation, diplomacy, ability to deliver consensus, investor presentation
  • Compliance and governance, financial management and reporting, audit & remuneration committee, commercial contracts, patent regimes
  • Strategic direction, operations management, creditor liaison, IT project control, international payment gateways and systems
  • Financial services operations and regulations (ASX Member & AFSL requirements)


Visionary, adapts to change readily, natural and inspiring leadership, charismatic people skills, integrity and the courage of his convictions, resourcefulness, tenacity, resilience, strong professional network, experienced perspective, ability to learn, absorb and evaluate new information quickly.

Current Public Company Board Positions

Non-Executive Chairman, Cape Range Limited (ASX:CAG)
Non-Executive Chairman, EOR Limited (ASX:EOR)
Independent Director, Tomizone (ASX:TOM)
As at September 2021

Previous Public Company Board Positions:

Independent Director, Sports Hero (ASX:SHO) March 2019- April 2021
Independent Director, Freehill Mining Limited, (ASX:FRH) December 2018 – August 2019
Independent Director, VIP Gloves Limited (ASX:VIP) Dec 2017 – Oct 2019
Independent Director, Republic Capital Limited, March 2017 – March 2018
Independent Director, Sino Australia Oil & Gas Limited (ASX:SAO) Oct 2012 – March 2014
Executive Chairman, MDS Financial Limited, including market Participant D2MX (ASX:MWS) April 2011 – January 2014
Non-Executive Director, Greater Bendigo Gold Limited, (ASX:GBM) 2010-2012
Non-Executive Chairman, SmartPay Limited, (NZX:SPY – ASX:SMP) 2003 – 2012
Managing Director, Ecademy Limited, (NZX:ECM) 2000-2002