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We’re pleased to present a range of transactions and investment opportunities we’re currently pursuing which may provide investor opportunity for business investors and sophisticated investors. We invite discussion and inquiry on any current or potential transaction and welcome your contact.

Please note: We prefer all inquiries be initiated via email in the first instance.

Cape Range Limited acquired BIZTRAK in June 2017. Cape Range Limited was relisted on the ASX on November 30, 2017 following a reconstruction of 8:1 and an IPO which raised in excess of A$5.6 million.

International telecommunications and travel company iFREE Group, is a 80% shareholder in Biztrak. The family of Biztrak founder Mr Ong, own 20%.

Biztrak specialises in accounting and business intelligence software systems which are used by over 18,000 SME’s in all types of industries, in 18 countries. Biztrak is profitable with EBITDA of over $500K for the last three years and now plans to continue expansion with the launch of Biztrak into the Australian and New Zealand market.

For further details on Cape Range Ltd please visit For further information regarding investing in Cape Range contact Noblemen Ventures.

This established Chinese business was designed and built to serve the Internet economy, ready to capitalise on the spending power of a burgeoning market sector embracing a digital lifestyle.

The numbers are familiar: 1.4+ billion people in China, 740 million are employed and roughly 120 million are considered affluent ie. earning over US$16,000 pa., but they’re spread across a vast and divergent country. This business efficiently forges a direct connection between affluent consumers and Internet enabled businesses, removing the challenge of reaching these consumers.

This unique business model is based on their multi-faceted platform, designed and built to be the digital hub of the affluent Chinese customer, while providing state of the art data mining and marketing facilities for vendors of corporate and consumer goods.

IOE/IOT enabled with proven proprietary technology and multiple patents in data mining and predictive algorithmic artificial intelligence, this intelligent cloud based platform is fully enabled for mobile, GPS and QCode and provides an unrivaled direct to customer digital connection.

The business is so readily scalable, in the first 12 months it established a direct connection with over 4.5 million affluent Chinese households (representing approx 27 million consumers).

This is an outstanding investment opportunity for investors who qualify as wholesale or sophisticated investors, and/or strategic partners seeking an efficient and effective entry to the digital Chinese market through a readily scalable business model. Unlike most early stage tech-centric companies, this company has customers – millions of them!

A platform, a network, a portal, a social media channel, ecommerce facility with advanced MarTech and data features. If the Ultimate Network Effect is The Internet of Things, then this is the ultimate network.

We’re engaging with strategic partners and sophisticated investors who seek outstanding ROI from multiple revenue channels and a fast growing customer base.

Contact Noblemen for the Investment Overview or the full IM (Investment Memorandum) for more information.

Opening new frontiers and exploration in highly prospective region.

Areas in South America and the Indian Sub-continent have all been reviewed and the area that has come out with the most potential in our view is Cuba. Ostensibly because of the availability of many excellent projects in the precious metal area, as well as the complete lack of any real development in the past 50 years, not to mention the lack of any modern mining and exploration technologies.

Our client has entered into a binding agreement with the Cuban government’s operating company to review all their projects in Cuba with the agreement allowing our Client to select several of these projects and to develop to large scale production.

We seek expressions of interest from sophisticated and professional investors, under Non-Disclosure Agreement who wish to know more and invest in either seed capital phase or the IPO stage of the proposed venture planned for 2018.

Established Malaysian based gold company (formerly listed on three stock exchanges) with greater than 4 million ounces of NI43-101 in jorc resource, seeking capital and/or partners to expand production with 200,000+ ounce PA target in 2018/19. For access to bankable feasibility studies and introduction that provides the best strategic advantage to this investment, use the button below to contact Noblemen for more information.
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